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Agrimaster software; a program written by farmers for farmers easily handles your day-to-day accounts and cashbook as well as intelligently interfacing with your bank.
Wagemaster is a powerful integrated desktop payroll solution that will streamline your processes and save you time.
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“Innovation is the key to success. Investing in our people, technology and our way of working we can offer products which make a positive difference for our customers.” David – Mastergroup Managing Director


Our Values

Our values define who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our values influence the way we work with each other - and the way we work with our clients and participate in our communities.


Innovation is as simple as identifying problems clients and colleagues face every day. We are curious, question everything and experiment endlessly to find what works.


Alone we move quickly; but as a team we go farther. We are generous with our knowledge and experience, valuing insights gained from our team and the perspectives it provides to solve problems and make decisions.


We’re not afraid to fail. Every idea is a hypothesis that needs testing. Every experiment reduces risk and improves our success rate.


Developing a deep understanding of our customer’s problems provides fresh ways to tackle them and resolve issues allowing us all to succeed.


We serve the wider community by helping to improve profit and reduce financial risk of local businesses. We do this by offering financial support and our expertise.

Our Partners

At Mastergroup, we understand how important a good partnership network is. That's why we are dedicated to working with our partners to help grow and improve their businesses.

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