Employee Toolkit

Employee Toolkit

When onboarding a new employee, it’s important to incorporate the right HR practices from the start. The Agrimaster Employee Toolkit helps you streamline the entire process easily so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. Here are the top 7 documents we recommend you give to your new employees to complete before their first day.




Fair Work Information Statement

This form provides employees with info about their conditions of employment. By law it must be provided to employees before, or as soon as they start.

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TFN Declaration Form

Employees must fill out a TFN Declaration Form so employers know how much tax to withold from their pay.

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Superannuation Choice Form

Employees use the Superannuation Form to offer eligible employees their choice of super fund.

STP Phase 2 Transition

All Wagemaster customers are required to transition from Single Touch Payroll Phase 1 to Phase 2 as per the ATO.


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Employee Information Form

This template provides a formal process to document employees personal details to ensure you have the correct details.

Medical Questionnaire

This is a strictly confidential document to be kept in a safe place in case of a medical emergency.  

Leave Application

This template provides a formal process to document Leave Application for any annual or sick leave.

Allowance or Deduction Form

This form applies to employers that pay allowances to their employees e.g. work related expenses for travel.


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