Choose a main subscription to suit your Agri-Business

Used by farmers for over 40 years | Partnered with and used by over 800 accountants and farm business advisers Australia wide



$110.42 / month
($1325 billed annually)

Complete farm financial management solution. Includes all the features a farm business needs for total control & full visibility of farm financial performance to make confident & informed business decisions.

Includes unlimited access
to Read Only files


$128.75 / month
($1545 billed annually)

Includes all the features of the Standard subscription PLUS the powerful integrated desktop payroll solution; Wagemaster.
Guarantees continuous compliance
with STP changes.

Includes unlimited access
to Read Only files


Choose an add on subscription

Add on subscriptions are available for Standard and Plus
subscribers to manage an additional entity



$20.42 / month
($245 billed annually)

Perfect for primary subscription holders who want to give family and business partners access to subscription(s) owned by their primary company user number. Read-only and/or write-only access.

Eligibility criteria applies.


$60.83 / month
($730 billed annually)

Perfect for subscribers that own and run an additional business – this is a leaner version of the Standard subscription – it does not include full production budgeting and modelling.

Eligibility criteria applies.


$30.42 / month
($365 billed annually)

Perfect for subscribers who own and run an additional small business and need to keep records for tax. Suitable for additional entities that
require cash book software.

Eligibility criteria applies.

Budget only

$80.83 / month
billed annually)

Perfect for Accountants, Consultants and Bookkeepers who use Agrimaster to prepare client budgets. Includes the full suite of Agrimaster production budgeting and modelling only.

Eligibility criteria applies.







Discounted Essentials
or Lite Subscriptions

Available for community groups such as sports clubs, church groups, and not for profits. The subscription must be managed on behalf of the community by an existing subscriber.

Eligibility criteria applies.


$28.75 / month
($345 billed annually)

Read Only subscription allows access to
historical Agrimaster files – ideal for customers that no longer need to transact in a file but
want to keep the data for reference.
Read Only allows customers to view data, generate, and preview reports.



Subscription Comparison

View the full list of features per subscription.


Why Choose Agrimaster?

Everything you need to run your farm business finances.
Features are subject to individual subscriptions.




Powerful Reporting

Generate detailed and tailored reports for intelligent business insights to make strategic decisions.




Stock Control & Asset Manager

Manage inventory effectively & automatically track purchase &
sale of stocks & assets.




Internet Banking

Connect your bank account to import multiple statements & pay
bills online.




BAS & Tax Compliance

Ensure business compliance
on current & future legislative




Quick Budgets

Specialist feature providing financial insight for accurate planning and forecasting.



Automatic Updates

Agrimaster automatically updates in the background without you lifting a finger or having to remember.




File Manager

Secure entry point to your files
– open, backup & restore




Fuel Tax Allowance

Automatically calculate your estimated fuel tax rebate to include in your
BAS and your budgets.




Work Together

Collaborate seamlessly with your accountant & consultant or another user by sharing your file securely.





Record transactions with accounts receivable, payable & bank reconciliation.


File-Setup (1).png


Custom File Setup

A custom file setup is included in the first year of a new subscription to tailor the file to your unique business needs.




Unlimited Support

Our friendly Customer Service
team are always here
to support you.

Your Subscription Explained

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide further information on subscriptions


+ What are the software requirements to run Agrimaster and Wagemaster?

You must be running a minimum of Windows 10.

+ What are the subscription fees for?

The subscription plan allows you to have:

  • Access to the latest business tools, technology & features
  • Free webinar training
  • Multiple support channels including calls & email.

+ Will add on subscriptions be prorated?

The renewal date for add-on subscriptions will be prorated to fall due at the same time as the Standard or Plus subscription renewal date.

+ Does the price include updates?

Yes, all current & future updates are included in your subscritpion pricing.

+ Do I need an internet connection?

Internet connection is required to use the Agrimaster program & for:

  • Automatic updates
  • File Manager for continuous backup of your files
  • Activation of your software