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What is a Roadshow?

As a valued partner of Agrimaster delivering a joint Roadshow is a way of engaging our mutual clients at an event to collectively present relevant information that is currently on the forefront of our client’s minds.
Collaborating not only strengthens relations with clients, it increases exposure to potential clients and reinforces both our brands in the Agricultural communities. If your company is keen to deliver a joint Roadshow then please complete the Expression of Interest form and one of our marketing team will call you to discuss further.  







Why run a joint event               

Delivering a joint Roadshow is a way of engaging our mutual clients at an event to collectively present relevant information that is currently on the forefront of our client’s minds. Working together we gain exposure to future clients as Agrimaster has clients that may not be your firms clients and vice versa. 
For the attendees it’s a great opportunity to attend an event that is close to their farm and learn more about their Accountancy firm and Agrimaster as well as other topics of interest. 


Getting Started                

  1. Fill out the Expression of Interest form

  2. Our Marketing Team will contact you to discuss the expression of interest further and cover what type of event we can run and some tentative dates, locations and theme.

  3. Once a date has been confirmed and we have a theme and speakers our Marketing Team will continue to work closely with your firm to plan the logistic, event marketing, PR activities and any other tasks required to make the event successful.

  4. We also set a weekly conference call to touch base on activities and logistics so that we are all on track.

  5. We use a ticketing system to invite clients to the event/s and we provide you with links so that you are able to send out the invite electronically to your clients.

  6. We market the event through our networks.








Roadshow Agenda

Each Roadshow agenda can be tailored for all parties involved. Between us we can arrange talks, demonstrations, workshops etc.
At previous events we have presented:

  • Partner’s information and best practice

  • Agrimaster’s features and functions

  • Guest Speaker – Men’s Health, Family Affairs, Succession Planning

  • The event can be a Morning Tea, Lunch or Sundowner for networking

These are examples that have worked well, but we each roadshow is flexible so that we deliver useful and relevant information to the audience. 

Roadshow Themes

The Roadshow topics are varied, some topics that have been covered in past Roadshows are: 

  • Single Touch Payroll

  • Budgeting for payroll tax

  • The importance of budgeting

  • Reporting for bank loans

  • Finance management and best practice

  • Succession planning

  • The Cloud and Security

  • What’s new in Agrimaster

There are always new topics that clients are interested in and we are open to all suggestions. 

After The Event

After the event its important for us to understand and improve on any part of the event and ensure that the clients and partner gets value from the event – some of the actions we take after the event are:

  • Survey all attendees for feedback on the event (at the event and after if required) – we collate this and share the findings with you.

  • Follow up on any actions from the events

  • Get feedback from you.

  • See if we can lock in a future event with you

  • Any ongoing marketing, engagement with the attendees.


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