Release 6.5.0


Agrimaster in 2020

This year we will be releasing exciting new online features as we commence the build to become a fully online product.
Our vision is for you to be able to manage your reports and budgets from any Windows computer, anywhere in the world at any time.

To kick off the build of Agrimaster online, we have released Agrimaster 6.5.0.



Agrimaster 6.5.0

Agrimaster 6.50 improves security, provides the opportunity for you to work online and offline, and collaborate with your advisor and accountant. It’s new technology has provided the foundation for planned product features such as live Bankfeeds, integrations like KeyPay, document storage and attachment to transactions and online billing.

Product Improvements in Release 6.5.0

Automatic Background Updates – Release 6.5.0 is the last ever manual update. Your Agrimaster now updates without you lifting a finger.

File Manager Background Sync – If File Manager is closed before an upload is finished, it now continues to upload data in the background.

Unlimited Agrimaster Downloads – Agrimaster is no longer limited to 2 computer activations per subscription.

File Manager Performance Enhancements – File Manager now operates faster and smoother than ever before.

Bug Fixes – Release 6.5.0 has removed many operational issues.

Unlimited Read Only Files

We understand that access to historical data is a valuable resource to manage your business. To accommodate, we made some changes and the Standard and Plus subscriptions now include unlimited Read Only files to access data in historical files.

Agrimaster is moving to Business Based Licensing

So that we can introduce these new features for you, we have changed our licensing model to align all users. This means each business entity is required to have it’s own subscription.


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What Business Based Licensing means for you

As a paid and licensed subscriber, you are still be able to use your main Agrimaster file the same way you always have. This release only affects additional files you may be running.

Release 6.5.0 organises all the files in File Manager and ensures that each subscription is aligned to a file. This means that you no longer have access to any unlicensed files in your Agrimaster. You no longer have the option to create new files as all files need to be attached to a subscription. To maintain access to each file, including historical data, you need to license each file you would like to keep.

Additional new subscriptions

Each business entity requires its own Agrimaster subscription – don’t stress we have multiple new subscription options available to suits your farm business needs.

Everything your need to know about how Release 6.5.0 affects you is outlined below.

New subscription options to suits your Agri-Business

To ensure you have access to all of the files you need, you need to license each file you want to keep.
Visit the shop to choose from the range of new subscriptions.

Agrimaster 6.5.0 – Sneak peak & ‘how to’ videos.

Watch the 6.5.0 video series and download the ‘Get Ready’ checklist to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming release.

FAQ – Everything You Need To Know

How to identify and license files:


+ What will happen to unlicensed files once this release is live?

Files that have an active license will be displayed in File Manager and can be accessed. All files that are not licensed will be blocked.

+ As a customer, how can I identify unlicensed files BEFORE the release is live and they are blocked?

Step 1. Review the number of files you have in your File Manager and stored locally.

Step 2. Review the number of subscriptions you have.

Step 3. If the number of files you have is greater than your number of subscriptions, you will need to purchase a subscription for the files you would like to keep.

+ I want to license files I am currently using, but have not paid for. What is the deadline to ensure I do not lose access to my data?

This release will be live from mid-July 2020. You have until this date to license any files you would like to keep.

+ How do I license an existing unlicensed file?

Once you purchase a license there will be an option in File Manager to assign an available license to a file. It can only be assigned once.


Read Only files & Read Only Subscription:


+ How can I access data in historical files?

The Standard and Plus subscriptions include UNLIMITED ACCESS to Read Only files. This Read Only feature will be available within the coming weeks.

Customers who no longer have a paid subscription but wish to access their historical data can purchase a Read Only subscription for $220 pa per file.

The Read Only subscription allows customers to view data, generate and preview reports. It has no adding, deleting, editing, importing or exporting data functions.

Please note the Read Only subscription will not be available at the time of the 6.5 release and is coming soon.

+ Why is there a price for Read Only files?

There are many hidden costs associated with holding and maintaining data. For example, hosting costs, security upkeep, storage, access, and data retrieval.

+ Can I purchase a Read Only subscription for a Wagemaster file?

As Wagemaster is a third party payroll product, we are not able to offer this as a Read-Only file.

+ If I have a Read Only subscription, will my Agrimaster receive future updates?

You will be able to view new Agrimaster features released as per the subscription plan prior to the file being converted to a Read Only Subscription. As this is a Read Only subscription, you won’t be able to apply the new feature.

+ If I upgrade a Read Only file to a transacting file will I have access to all of the new features?

Yes, you will have access to all of the features included in the subscription you upgrade to.

+ My file is on a really old version of Agrimaster. I want to license this file with a Read Only subscription. Will the file be able to open in Agrimaster 6.5.0?

Yes, Agrimaster 6.5.0 can open files from Agrimaster version 6.3.9 and onwards.

How to create, merge and delete files:


+ How can I create a new file?

When you purchase an additional subscription, a new shell file will be delivered with your business details, including your ABN to your File Manager. You can then open the shell file via File Manager to do file setup and share it with your advisor.

+ What happens if I have multiple files?

Files that have an active license will be displayed in File Manager and are accessible.
Personal files or other files that exist in File Manager that don’t have a license will be displayed as unlicensed and the access will be revoked until the file is paid for.

+ Is it possible to merge multiple files into one?

Merging files is not recommended as it may alter the compliance data that you have reported to the ATO.

+ Can old files be deleted?

Yes. Release 6.5 includes a delete feature that allows you to delete files that are no longer required.

Data related:


+ As a customer do I own my data?

Yes, you own your data. As a subscriber, you are paying for access to Agrimaster software to enter your data. You need to subscribe to maintain your access.

+ I started a new file after 10 years how can I consolidate my data?

The Standard and Plus subscriptions include FREE access to up to 3 Read Only files, this is valued at $660 per annum. This Read Only feature will be available within the coming weeks.

+ What happens to my data after a file is deleted?

All shares will be revoked and the file and the file backups will be removed from file manager and the work folder on your PC.
Please note, that each Standard and Plus subscription includes up to unlimited free Read Only files to access data in historical files.

If you would still like to merge files, it is recommended that:

  • You merge the files at the beginning of a financial year or BAS period/quarter
  • Choose the primary file that you would like to license as the main subscription
  • Add current bank accounts to the primary file

+ Will data in unlicensed files expire? i.e. If I do not license a file in the short term, and decide to license an old file down the track, will my historical data still be available?

Unlicensed files never expire. If a file is not deleted, data will be stored in that file forever. Please note, files can only be deleted if the subscription is active.

File Manager related:


+ I don’t want to upload my data to File Manager. Do I have any other options?

If you choose to work offline, we cannot guarantee that your data is saving correctly, secure, or will be accessible by your advisor or other users. We recommend using File Manager to backup, share, and access your data.

+ I don’t currently use File Manager and back up to a hard drive – what happens to those files?

Any files previously backed up to any type of hard drive will no longer be accessible to open, share or restore in Agrimaster.

You also will be unable to email back-ups or back up files to thumb drives, discs or CD.

File Manager is the only way you will be able to backup, share and open your Agrimaster files.

+ Will I be able to back files up to an external USB/ hard drive as well as File Manager?

No, once release 6.5.0 is live, Agrimaster will be the single source of truth. There will be no need to back up to an additional external source.

+ How does autobackup work?

If you are working online, all backups are stored in File Manager.

If you lose your internet connection when closing Agrimaster, your data will be saved to the autobackup folder on your computer. When you are back online the autobackup will save your file in File Manager.

Please note that you will no longer be able to open or share the autobackup file via email.

+ Is Agrimaster an Internet or desktop-based application?

The short answer is, it’s both.

After the release of 6.5.0, File Manager will open in a web browser via the Internet. File Manager is the online component of Agrimaster and is where your files are backed up, opened, and shared.

The Agrimaster cash book and budgeting data are entered via the desktop application on your computer.

+ After release 6.5.0 will there be any changes to how I open Agrimaster?

After opening your file in File Manager, only one Agrimaster icon will display in your toolbar.

To move between the Agrimaster file you have open and File Manager, use the ‘alt – tab’ function on your keyboard.

To learn more watch the video ‘Know what to expect when opening Agrimaster after release 6.5.0’ here.

+ If I lose power or my computer shuts down whilst my Agrimaster is open, am I still required to manually delete the LBD file in my work directory so that my data will back up to File Manager?

No, after you update to Release 6.5.0 you do not need to manually delete the LBD file.

If you re-open File Manager on 6.5.0 and the file show “File in use on this computer” we recommended you close File Manager and restart your computer.

After your computer has restarted, double click on Agrimaster to re-launch File Manager, the file will back up and display the Blue Cloud icon. You can then proceed as usual and re-open your file.

+ What will happen if I am working in my file and the internet drops out?

Agrimaster is a local file so when you are working offline the data is added to your file on your computer. As soon as you are online your file will sync back to File Manager and automatically back up.

+ How will I know if I am not connected to the internet?

A red banner will display in File Manager.

+ How does autobackup work?

If you are working online, all backups are stored in File Manager.

If you lose your internet connection when closing Agrimaster, your data will be saved to the autobackup folder on your computer. When you are back online the autobackup will save your file in File Manager.

Please note that you will no longer be able to open or share the autobackup file via email.

+ In which internet browsers does File Manager operate the best?

To optimise the performance of File Manager, we recommend Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

ABN related:


+ Do I need to have a current ABN to purchase an Agrimaster subscription?

To purchase a Standard or Plus subscription, your ABN needs to be active in the ABN Look Up. An active ABN is not required for add-on subscriptions.

+ Will this affect me if I have more than one file, each with a different ABN?

Yes. Business Based Licensing is based on one file per ABN. Each ABN must have its own subscription.

+ What if my ABN on file is out of date, but my file is licensed?

Contact our Customer Service team to update your details on file.

Other ways files may be affected:


+ If I purchase an Essentials or Lite subscription and assign the license to an already existing file, will I still have access to the previous budgets I had created?

No, as the Essentials and Lite subscriptions do not include the full production budgeting and modeling feature, you will no longer have access to previous budgets.

+ I do not have any additional files in my File Manager as I only run one file to manage my business. What do I need to do in regard to Business Based Licensing?

If you pay an annual subscription and only have one file in your File Manager, no action is required from you. You can continue to use your Agrimaster the same way you always have.

+ Can I have multiple subscriptions under one user number?

Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions under one user number.

Business Based Licensing is based on one file per ABN which means users will be able to use one file per paid subscription.

+ What will happen to unlicensed training and demonstration files after this release is live?

All unlicensed files will be locked, this includes demonstration and training files. These files will need to be deleted by you within File Manager.

+ I have several files to separate my bank accounts – can I consolidate these to one file?

Yes, you can:

  1. Make this change at the beginning of a financial year or BAS period/quarter
  2. Chose the primary file which will be the paid subscription
  3. Add any bank accounts that are current to the primary file/subscription.

These are currently in the unlicensed files – as part of a standard or plus subscription you will still be able to have read-only access to this historical file

+ I have separate files that I send to my accountant at EOFY and this is how we originally set up the company – how can I consolidate this to 1 file?

The Agrimaster Cash Book is a ‘rolling’ Cash Book. This means there are no end-of-year procedures; one month simply rolls over to the next. This means the file is in existence for as long as the current entity structure (your business) remains open.

Unless you have shortened or started a new file all your data will still be available in your main file from the date that you created it.

Working with my Professional Partner:


+ What happens if I shared an unlicensed file with a Professional Partner?

Unlicensed files will have all shares and access revoked until they are licensed.

+ What will happen if I do not update to the latest version and my advisor does?

If the file is shared via USB or email, your advisor will not be able to open the file.

If the file is shared via File Manager, your advisor will be able to open the file but it is at high risk of data errors.

We strongly advise all customers and Professional Partners to update.

+ As a Legacy Plan user (previously known as membership) can I still work with my Professional Partner as normal for the remainder of 2020?

Throughout 2020, we are discontinuing the Legacy Plan.

Yes, you can continue to work with your Professional Partner as long as you have paid and are on the latest version.

When your next renewal is due, you will be required to upgrade to one of our subscription plans to continue to use Agrimaster.

+ My Professional Partner exclusively manages my file. How can I assign my file to them so that they can work on the file?

To permit your Professional Partner access to your file, you can share the file with them.


Professional Partner Questions:


+ As a Professional Partner, how can I identify unlicensed files BEFORE the release is live and they are blocked?

Unlicensed files will be:

  • Any file in File Manager that is grey “Offline files”
  • Any file not in File Manager and stored locally
  • Any file that is not shared with you via File Manager

+ When purchasing on behalf of a customer who owns the subscription?

All Agrimaster files must be licensed to the legal entity holder of the ABN and the file is owned by that customer, not you as the Professional Partner.

+ Will this release change my Professional Partner subscription?

No, your subscription will continue on as normal. However, in the future, we will be re-scoping the Professional Partner program. We will update you as this progresses.

+ As a Professional Partner, after this release what am I entitled to?

Each Professional Partner firm will receive one free Agrimaster Standard subscription to license one file and manage the accounts of that practice/company.

+ In addition to the free firm file, can each firm purchase additional add on subscriptions?

No, this is not possible. The free firm file is a benefit for the firm, as it is included in the Professional Partner package.

Business Based Licensing requires customers to own their own file. Customers are required to purchase their own subscriptions and share their file with their Professional Partner as required. Therefore, there is no need for Professional Partner firms to need any additional subscriptions.

+ As a Bookkeeper, how will this release change my license?

We are discontinuing bookkeeping licenses. These subscriptions are being moved to a Professional Partner subscription. Bookkeepers will now receive discounted subscriptions at only $220 per computer activation. Your subscription will be updated on your renewal.

+ Can I purchase Agrimaster Essentials on behalf of my customers?

Yes. The subscription must be set up with your client’s business name, contact and billing details. Your client then shares the file with you.

+ Does Business Based Licensing apply to my personal files?

Yes. Business Based Licensing is based on one file per ABN. Each ABN must have its own subscription.

+ If I have a terminal server, do I need to do anything to prepare for this release?

No, however, if you experience any issues, contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

+ How can we ensure that our firm and staff contact details are up to date?

In order for all Professional Partners to receive service, you must be listed on our database. If you are concerned that the details associated with your Agrimaster account are out of date, contact our Customer Service team.

+ If a client is licensed but chooses not to use File Manager, are we still able to access their data?

If the customer is on the latest version, you will still be able to access the file. However, if customers do not use File Manager for a longer period, access to the file may be restricted.

It is important that files get shared via File Manager and your clients are on the latest version of Agrimaster.

+ I currently run personal files on Agrimaster via my Professional Partner activation. After the release, what will happen to these files?

To maintain access, all files will require an Agrimaster subscription.

+ I am a director and my firm does not need a free firm file. Can I use it for something else?

No, the Professional Partner firm free file is for the firm’s use only.

+ Is the Professional Partner Release webinar still available to watch?

Yes you can watch the webinar on demand here.


Additional Service Information:


+ What will happen if I don’t update?

You will no longer receive the full benefit of Agrimaster:

  • To receive support you must be on the latest version
  • You will be at risk of data corruption
  • Many bug fixes on the previous version have been fixed in Release 6.5

We strongly advise all customers and Professional Partners to update.

+ How will automatic background updates differ from the previous auto-update process?

You will no longer be prompted to update. Automatic updates will occur in the background, without you lifting a finger.

+ How will this release affect entity keys?

As Business Based Licensing is based on one file per user, Entity Keys are being discontinued and each file will be required to hold it’s own Agrimaster subscription.

+ What are the software requirements to update my Agrimaster to release 6.5.0?

You must be running a minimum of Windows 10.

+ Will my add-on subscription and my main subscription be billed at different times in the year?

No, your add-on subscription/s will be pro-rated. This means you will only pay for the months that are remaining up until your annual renewal date. You will then pay annually, on the same date for all of your Agrimaster subscriptions.

+ Where does it state that I will not be able to continue to use Agrimaster if my subscription is unpaid?

On the Mastergroup website, the ‘SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE (‘SaaS’) and USER LICENSE AGREEMENT’ Terms and Conditions clearly state the below under ‘Fees and Payment’ Section 3.5 (a);

Mastergroup may disable the Customer’s Account and Permitted Users’ access to all or part of the Services and Mastergroup shall be under no obligation to reinstate a Customer’s access to the Services while the invoice(s) concerned remain unpaid.

View the full Mastergroup Terms and Conditions here;

+ Why can’t I receive Customer Support if I am on an old version of Agrimaster?

99% of Customer Support issues are solved by updating to the latest Agrimaster version. Customers have fewer issues if on the latest version and it is quicker and easier to service you.

Software, like cars, needs regular maintenance. This is due to constant changes in the IT environment and evolving customer requirements. Being on an older software version means there are more problems to deal with, costing you time and money. The overall experience is not as good.

It is not viable for us to support Customers on old versions. Part of our Customer Support process is to ensure all customers are on the latest version. We are here to assist you with this.

+ How do I know what Agrimaster version I am on?

The version is on the top left of your Agrimaster screen.

Example Scenarios


+ A smaller business on the side

Jim runs a farm business and utilises Agrimaster to assist with the bookkeeping and farm management. Jim also does some contract spraying throughout the year and has a separate ABN for this operation. He’s created a separate Agrimaster file to manage his contract spraying business.

Jim needs to get a separate subscription for his contract spraying business, to ensure it’s licensed properly and can continue to be used after Release 6.5.0.

+ Running a ‘grain trading’ account through one ABN

Sally uses Agrimaster for the bookkeeping and farm management of Home Valley Farms. Sally is also the treasurer of the local tennis club and has created a separate Agrimaster file to complete their account keeping.

Sally needs to get a separate subscription for the tennis club – reflecting the club’s own ABN to ensure it’s licensed properly and can continue to be used after Release 6.5.0.

+ Professional Partner exclusively managing a customer’s file

ABC Consulting has Professional Partner access to Agrimaster (computer activations) and through this, they manage some of the customer’s bookkeeping and budgeting. These files have been created under the Professional Partner’s subscription and not the customer’s, and all sit under the Professional Partner’s user number.

ABC Consulting needs to license each of their client’s files (1 ABN per license), to ensure they have full access to the data they need after Release 6.5.0 to can continue with the management of their customer’s affairs.

To do this they need to purchase an Agrimaster subscription on their customer’s behalf (with permission from the customer).

+ Consultant managing a budget file for a customer

XYZ Farm Advisors have their own Professional Partner subscription (computer activation) and through this they have created files to run budgets for their customer’s that currently utilise another software for their cashbook. These files are unlicensed and will be locked after Release 6.5.0.

Luckily, Agrimaster has created an exclusive Budget Only product, offered only to consultants for this exact purpose! XYZ Farm Advisors can now purchase a Budget Only Subscription to utilise all the features of the Agrimaster Budgets and farm management tools (excluding the casebook).


Download the Agrimaster STP eBook

The free eBook has everything you need to know about Single Touch Payroll including a complete overview and a preparation checklist.


Get STP Ready with Agrimaster-Plus

Take the stress away. Add Wagemaster, an integrated Payroll program to your Agrimaster subscription for the complete package.