Read Only


Read Only

$28.75 / month
$345 billed annually

Read Only subscription allows access to historical Agrimaster files – ideal for customers that no longer need to transact in a file but want to keep the data for reference. Read Only allows customers to view data, generate, and preview reports.

Please Note:

Depending on the version of your file, a paid consultation of $220 per hour may also be required.

Features included:

A Read Only file allows customers to view data, generate and preview reports.

Features not included:

A Read Only file has no adding, deleting, editing, importing or exporting data functions.

To see the full list of features and compare subscriptions, view the subscription comparison here.

Software Requirements:

Must be running a minimum of Windows 10.

Suitable for:

  1. Current Subscribers: Customers with a Standard or Plus subscription will have non restricted, unlimited access to Read Only files.

  2. Expired Subscribers: Expired customers who no longer have a paid subscription but wish to access their historical data can purchase a Read Only subscription for $220 per annum per file.