Payroll Options

Agrimaster Payroll Options

Agrimaster keeps it simple and doesn’t come with hidden purchases. Our two main subscriptions come with all the features of Agrimaster and differentiate by the payroll solutions only. Below is a comparison of each payroll option so you can choose the subscription that best suits your farm business needs.

Before selecting a payroll solution, it’s important you first learn about payroll, employee entitlements and awards. Once a payroll solution is selected, take the time to set it up correctly and stay up to date with payroll compliance changes. This will save you time and hassle in the long term.


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Talk To The Team

Discuss your payroll requirements with the team who will help you decide which payroll solution best suit your business needs.

Switching Agrimaster Subscriptions

All customers can switch between Agrimaster Standard and Agrimaster-Plus subscriptions at any time. It is your choice which main subscription you choose.
Before switching subscriptions we recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. . Consider the true cost of switching payroll software, including:

    • the time it takes to wrap up one software and the setup of another payroll software

    • the time to learn the brand new software

    • the cost of advice from your accountant

    • the cost of the new program

  2. Always seek advice from your accountant to help you make an informed decision

  3. Choose the subscription that suits you;
    Agrimaster-Plus (includes Wagemaster) or Agrimaster Standard (includes the KeyPay integration).

  4. Book a sales call above or email to make the switch.

If you are switching from Wagemaster to KeyPay, ensure you do this at least one month before your subscription ends to give yourself time to complete the tasks outlined here.