$30.42 / month
($365 billed annually)

Agrimaster Lite – perfect for customers that own and run an additional small business entity and need to keep a small number of records for tax.
Suitable businesses that require cash book software for additional entities e.g. contracting, succession planning, property trusts.

This subscription includes cash book, basic invoicing, unlimited transactions and BAS/taxation and Cash Book reports.

Agrimaster Lite is a low-cost add-on subscription exclusively available to farmers that have an Agrimaster Standard or Plus subscription to manage their farm books.


Cash book, basic invoicing, internet banking, unlimited transactions and BAS/taxation and cash book reports.

Features not included:

Enhanced invoicing, stock control, asset manager, management reports such as livestock control, quick budgets and full production budgeting and modeling. As such, it does not include access to previous budgets or reports created via these features within the file.

To see the full list of features and compare subscriptions, view the subscription comparison here.

Suitable for:

This subscription is suitable for all farming businesses that require cash book software for an additional entity e.g. contracting business, succession planning, property trusts.

Software Requirements:

Must be running a minimum of Windows 10.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Existing Standard or Plus subscription

  • The additional company must have 50% match of Directors in common with your existing Standard or Plus subscription

  • Both subscriptions must have the same contact details

  • ASIC/tax documentation required for both businesses to confirm 50% Directors in common

    • For more information on ASIC documentation, read the article here.

All add on subscriptions will be prorated to fall due at the same date as your Standard or Plus subscription renewal date.