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Support From Real People, In Australia

Our Customer Support team are experienced Agrimaster experts that answer your queries from our head office in Perth, WA.

Customer Support Agreement

We strive to provide the best Customer Support. Unlimited Customer Support is included in all Agrimaster paid subscriptions; we offer:

  • Support from 8am – 5pm AWST Monday to Friday

  • Response to all Customer Support requests within 24 – 48 hours

More information can be found in the Customer Support Agreement


For Quick Support


Search The Help Centre

The Help Centre is jam-packed with helpful instructions – for a quick resolution to your query we recommend searching the Help Centre first. Type the keywords into the search bar and click on the article most relevant to your query.

When you contact Customer Support we will email back a link to the relevant help article in the first instance.
Help articles include step by step instructions to help resolve your query.

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Include Your Name And User Number

Help us to identify you by always including your name and user number when you submit a ticket – this speeds up the support from our end.



Contact Us From An Authorised Email Address

Privacy is very important with financial data. Everyone that contacts us with regards to your account needs to be an authorised email contact on our database. If the person that contacts us is not a current authorised email, or you are contacting us from an unauthorised email address we will not be able to provide support to you.
Learn how to add or change email contacts on your account here.
For more information here is a link to the Privacy Policy.

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Help Us Help You

To provide support efficiently and timely it’s important that we have all the information in the ticket. The more information you provide the quicker the turnaround.

As well as providing a description of the issue/query if there are also screenshots that help to show the issue then that is a great help. If you’re not sure how to take a screenshot, check out the Help Article here.



You May Not Get A Phone Call

We know you are not in the office all the time and sometimes we play phone tag which is not great for either of us. So keep things moving and providing support to your query we will email you a resolution based on the information you have provided. Keep an eye on your inbox as a resolution to your query via email with help articles may have been delivered. If the matter cannot be resolved via email we will call you.

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We Might Need To Dig Deeper

Sometimes we cannot provide a resolution without seeing your screen. So before you contact Customer Support please download TeamViewer. TeamViewer provides remote access to any desktop with an internet connection. This saves time as our Customer Support team will be able to view the issue and resolve your query.
Install Team Viewer here.