Getting Started


Cost: $99

October 3rd – 24th
10am – 11am each Thursday

The Getting Started Webinars are recommended for all new users.
The Webinars cover everything you need to know to setup your Agrimaster and begin reporting.

  • The live webinars will run each Thursday for four consecutive weeks

  • The first session is one hour and 15 minutes, the following three are one hour, per week

  • Each Each webinar is 1 – 1.5 hours per week

  • A recording of each webinar will be sent afterwards for you to re-watch at your own pace


  1. Reliable internet connection. However, if you are unable to join live due to poor internet, videos and helpnotes will be shared 24 hours after each webinar.

  2. Be on the latest software version of Agrimaster.  

How It Works:

Getting Started Webinars are designed to teach you how to set up Agrimaster and use its key functions. The webinars are an opportunity for you to LEARN.

If you have not yet received Demo Files, they will be provided in advanced via File Manager for you to practice on during the webinars. You will be able to re-watch the Webinar video recordings at your own pace to guide you through each step AFTER the webinars.

You Will Learn How To:

  1. Setup your Agrimaster file for powerful Management Reporting

  2. Use the Agrimaster cashbook functions and add data

  3. Create Invoices and reconcile the Cashbook

  4. Use Agrimaster’s Reports to generate your BAS 

  5. Use File Manager 

Are Getting Started Webinars Right For you?

View the Getting Started course outline to see if this training is right for you?