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Full Budgets In Agrimaster

Full Budget Training covers everything you need to setup and use the Full Budget feature in Agrimaster.

In The Module You Will Learn How to:

  1. Setup & create a Full Budget

  2. Setup Cropping Worksheets & Grain Income Calculator

  3. Setup Fixed & Variable Cost Worksheets

  4. Setup Assets & Liabilities Worksheets

  5. How to produce produce gross margins

  6. Create a Statement of Position

  7. How to deal with AWB loan options

  8. Budget Analysis

  9. Use File Manager

Each Module Contains:

Webinar Training:

Each webinar is approximately one-hour. To access a webinar, click on the links provided.

Help Articles:

If you prefer to learn by reading, the relevant help articles are linked below each webinar.

Learning Modules:

+ Module 1: Setting-up Full Budgets to Manage Your Cashflow & Minimse Risk:

Watch Webinar 1: Click Here

Read the Help Centre Articles:

+ Module 2: Setting-up Cropping Worksheets & Grain Income Calculator:

Watch Webinar 2: Click Here

Read the Help Centre Articles:

+ Module 3: Setting-up Fixed & Variable Cost Worksheet:

Watch Webinar 3: Click Here

Read the Help Centre Articles:

Setting-up Assets & Liabilities Worksheet

Setting-up Full Budget

+ Module 4: Creating a Statement of Position & Budget Analysis:

Watch Webinar 4: Click Here

Read the Help Centre Articles:

  • Generate & print a statement of position – Click Here
  • What the bank wants – Click Here
  • Budget analysis
  • How to generate a budget to cashbook comparison report
  • Importing cashbook actuals into a budget
  • Copy/create new budgets from existing ones
  • Import an input cost list from another file – Click Here
  • Worksheet tools refresher – Click Here

File Manager