File Manager Webinars


The File Manager Webinar – Everything You Need To Know

You Will Learn:

  1. What File Manager is and how it operates

  2. How to open your files correctly

  3. How to open a read-only file

  4. How to restore a file

  5. How to share your file

  6. How to use the note feature

  7. What to do if you see a sync error

  8. What to do if you see ‘File in use by Professional Partner’

  9. How to get your accountant or consultant to use File Manager if they are not already

  10. What to do if you see ‘File in use by your user number on another computer’

  11. What do you if you see ‘This file is open on this computer’

  12. How to import your files into File Manager if you are not currently using File Manager

What You Need:

  1. Reliable internet connection.