Farm Finance & Family

Farm, Finance & Family Roadshow 2018


Tuesday, Feb 27th, – Albany

Wednesday, Feb 28th, – Jerramungup

Thursday, March 1st, – Lake Grace

Friday, March 2nd, – Kojonup



Want to run a more efficient farm business?
At this free event learn how to make your farm business more efficient.

  • Learn to use Agrimaster features for efficiency,
  • Manage risk in decision making with guest speaker Rod Grieve
  • Get advice on family decision making with Lincolns


10am-11am – The Magnificent 7

11am-12pm – Risk in decision making

12pm-12.45pm  – Lunch

12.45-2pm – Around the Kitchen Table

The Magnificent 7

Learn about the 7 Magnificent features of Agrimaster you should be using to make your business efficient.
This includes:

  • Internet Banking
  • Import RCTIs
  • Shortcuts
  • “Recent” Functions
  • Super Clearing House
  • M:drive
  • Receipt Bank

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How to manage risk in decision making

Guest speaker Rod Grieve, agricultural consultant, shared business performance and risk management strategies. A brief and enlightening summary of business performance over time highlighting the very large and very real changes in seasons, prices, input costs and profits. How to use Agrimaster and around the kitchen table skills to evaluate business performance and risk – a must to increasing business profit!

  • How profitability of farming business has changed over time?
  • What has caused these changes?
  • What are the consequences of these changes has on your on your business profit?
  • How do you evaluate changes to your business?
  • How do you assess the risks facing your business?

Around the Kitchen Table

Picture this – sitting around the table discussing whether to upgrade the sheep yards or renovate the kitchen. Half an hour later a solution is found and everybody is happy!! Never happens, right?
Lincolns session plans to give families the tools to make conversations about decision making easier.
Exploring this topic using real-life examples outlining common hurdles we all come up against and how you deal with the different personality types. 


Before you get to the point of discussing succession and other large decisions, take
the time to do the following exercises within your family group:


  • Establish 5 core values and define what they mean for you.
  • Determine 3 goals and share them with your family so they can assist and support you. Ensure or work out a way to have your personal goals align with the business and family goals. Make sure your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.
  • Consider your personality type and those around you; be mindful of what triggers stress in each type. Understand these differences as an explanation of behavior not an excuse.
  • Assess your communication types – this will allow you to improve the avenues of discussion within a family group.
  • Choose your advisers wisely.
  • Remove the emotion – make decisions when emotions aren’t running high and can tend to lead to arguments. Think of contingency plans before a situation arises.
  • Place the right person in the right role for them.
  • Pause, listen and absorb – Consider the why of people’s answers before reacting to them – consider the why of your own before giving them


Call Lincolns if you would like help to start the conversation or facilitate a family meeting.



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We’d like to thank everyone who attended Farm, Finance & Family and for those who couldn’t attend, there will be future Roadshows throughout the year. To keep up to date with event updates join our Agrimaster Community Group on Facebook. If you have any queries, contact us on 1800 110 000 or email us on