Discontinuation FAQ

Legacy Plan Discontinuation



+ What’s changing?

Software development and the demands of Farm Business have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Our investment in software development and subscription plans needs to evolve to manage the challenges of modern software.  

As of 1st January 2020, we will no longer be supporting the Agrimaster Legacy Plan (previously known as Membership).  We will continue to focus our efforts on increasing farm profit and reducing farm financial risk by providing Agrimaster – the specialist Farm Financial Management tool.   

Thank you for being a long-term loyal customer. Since 2013 we have managed to hold the price of our Legacy Plan for our long-term loyal customers at a reduced rate. We discontinued selling the Legacy Plan in 2013; since this time all new sales have been on a Subscription Plan.  

+  What does this mean for me?

As we have moved to a Subscription model all clients will need to be on a Subscription Plan.  

Moving to an Agrimaster Subscription Plan means you will have access to the latest business tools, technology and features that we are developing in 2020 and beyond.  

+ What are the new features / benefits available when I update to a Standard Subscription Plan?

Over the next 12 months you can expect the following advancements as a subscriber:

  • Bank feeds
  • KeyPay integration (payroll for STP compliance)
  • Attachment of documents to transactions
  • File Manager improvements including rejecting shared files
  • Unlimited download of Agrimaster on any Windows device
  • Seamless Agrimaster updates
  • Ability to manage your profile and subscription online
  • New Agrimaster online features
  • Free webinar training
  • Improved Customer Service and how we connect with you
  • Improved Communication

Watch the Agrimaster Roadmap to find out more

+ What are my current Subscription Plan options?

Agrimaster Standard Subscription

The Standard Subscription Plan includes cashbooks, budgets and the full suite of farm business reports. As a valued long-term customer, we are offering a special discounted rate of $990 for the first year of your subscription. This offer is only valid until your renewal date and will return to full price which is currently $1100 – click here

Agrimaster-Plus Subscription

If you have staff or closely held employees, now is the time to consider how to manage your payroll obligations. On the Agrimaster-Plus Subscription Plan you will have access to Wagemaster; a comprehensive payroll program for up to 35 employees. If you would you like to get started with payroll and avoid the midyear rush – click here.

All paid Subscription Plans come with full support from our dedicated Customer Service Team

+ Why should I become a subscriber today?

By becoming an Agrimaster Standard subscriber, you will be entitled to the discounted price of $990 for the first 12 months. Moving to an Agrimaster Standard Subscription Plan means you will have access to the latest business tools, technology, and features that we are developing in 2020 and beyond.

+ How long will I have access to the $990 discounted price?

The discounted price of $990 is valid for the first 12 months of your Agrimaster Standard subscription. To take advantage of the discount, your subscription will need to be paid on or before the invoice due date.

+ If I move to a Subscription Plan can I return to my Legacy Plan (previously known as Membership?)

Once you have moved to a Subscription Plan you are unable to return to your Legacy Plan.

+ If I chose to not move to a Subscription on or before my next invoice due date, what will happen?

If you choose to not move to a subscription you will no longer have access to the Agrimaster software or Agrimaster support.

+ I have been a Member for 20 years – what are my options?

Thank you for being a long-term loyal customer. Mastergroup discontinued selling the Legacy Plan in 2013. Since 2013, we have renewed Legacy Plan customers (previously known as Membership), at a reduced rate. All new Customer who purchased Agrimaster since 2013 have joined as a Subscriber.

The Legacy Plan, has been discontinued due to the rising cost of development and maintenance of software. In order to develop advanced features, such as Bank Feeds, KeyPay and future planned integrations, File Manager improvements and new online features, it has become financially unviable to continue offering the Legacy Plan.

If you want to continue using Agrimaster and take advantage of all the upcoming, exciting changes then you will need to be on a Subscription Plan.

+ I don’t budget – what are my options?

If you are not using Agrimaster for budgeting we would like to learn why – this is the most powerful feature of Agrimaster – this is why Banks, Advisors and Bench Markers use Agrimaster over other programs or spreadsheets.

A few questions for you:

  • How do you plan for a change in yield or if the market prices change after you have done a forecast?
  • Do you know your breakeven point?
  • Are you planning to increase your farm business size? If you require finance, does the bank ask you for a budget?

As a subscriber you will have free access to training webinars and can start using the powerful budgeting feature in Agrimaster to manage your business risk and grow.

+ My Advisor does my budget for me, so I don’t need that feature

The Agrimaster licensing model is changing in early 2020. These changes mean Consultants/Accountants/Bookkeepers will no longer be able to create budgets on your behalf. The budgets will need to be created using your paid Subscription Plan and not the one held by the advisor. Being on a current Subscription Plan also ensures you have access to your budgets.

Once you are on a paid Subscription Plan, you will be able to share your file through File Manager with your Advisor and they will be able to budget on your behalf.

+ Agrimaster is too expensive

What are you comparing Agrimaster to in order to say it is too expensive?

Other programs do clever marketing, but you need to check the fine print on what you are signing up for and what is included. You will find restrictions on transaction numbers, the level of detail you can record in other cashbook for management reporting, number of bank accounts, payroll and may lose out on functionality such as budgeting and service as well as the comprehensive all in one package reporting you get with Agrimaster.

+ I have a small farm and I don’t need to budget

The budgeting is the most powerful feature of Agimaster, as a small business how do you manage risk and grow. Budgeting is the solution. On a Subscription Plan you can complete the free webinar training and if you still don’t see the value, we can do a product comparison for you next year on renewal.

+ My Accountant is looking at moving my business to another program

If your Accountant is offering to move you to another program, you need to question if this move is the right one or your Farm Business. Agrimaster has been built for farmers, by farmers who have an extensive experience in the industry. A few things to consider before moving:

As a Farmer, its important you have access to business tools that provide value outside of just tax and compliance. Agrimaster allows Farmers to forward plan using forecasts and budgets and run detailed business reports such as how much you are spending on machinery repairs. Accountants manage tax and compliance; this is not about helping you make smart business decisions on your farm. Think about the business visibility that you are giving up and for what reason. Is it a feature that we will have in 6 months anyway?

It is understandable that your Accountant might encourage you to move to another product they know. Because this may help them reduce their costs and make it easier for them.

If you moved to another program what advantages are in it for you?
How will this help you improve your business profit and manage your cashflow risk?
How will you build and manage cashflow forecast/budgets for your business and the bank?

If you move, are you willing to:

  • Invest the additional time required to learning a new software tool
  • 2 or more financial software programs will be required to replace Agrimaster’s functions and features
  • During this period, you will incur additional setup costs and professional fees
  • Lose farm business performance reporting
  • Lose the ability to import agricultural RCTI’s and pay your Accountant to fix the errors. Plus, the corrections that may be required with the ATO
  • Lose the most powerful cashflow budgeting/forecasting software in Australia
  • Lose the single source of truth for cashbook and budget data that you have with Agrimaster (cashbook to budget comparison report)
  • Lose additional fields which Agrimaster reports in the cashbook (Project Codes, Enterprises, Allocations, Quantities) which are used for management reporting (stacked reports) and budgeting
  • Pay a 3rd Party to complete your budgeting/cashflow forecasting, which will not be as feature rich as Agrimaster
  • Lose an incredibly valuable skill set within your business, “how to budget”
  • Risk the chance that your Banking margins and rates may increase due to the fact you are unable to produce the right data for the Bank in a timely manner
  • By using different software types in order to achieve the same result as Agrimaster, the combined amount you will pay more will equate to more each year
  • Rely on your Advisors more and pay more for their services
  • Lose the ability to claim and budget for the Fuel Tax Rebates
  • Lose the ability to speak to a Customer Service officer regarding any Agrimaster problems.
  • Customer Service phone support is a unique offering by Mastergroup and not offered by most financial software providers

It is in your interest to understand what the pros and cons are when moving to another program. Do your research to see what if it is in your business’ best interest.

+ What improvements can I expect from Customer Service?

Over the pat 12 months, we have listened to your feedback and made some big changes. Some of the advancements we have made to Customer Service resources are:

  • We have introduced a brand-new Payroll team solely dedicated to supporting Wagemaster users
  • We have significantly expanded our customer service team, ensuring your queries are solved faster
  • We have increased the number of staff dealing with online chat queries, this now the fastest and easiest way to receive instant support
  • We have increased the number of available designated calls; this means you now have more options to book a call back at a time that suits you
  • We are now more transparent than ever with Customer Service satisfaction. Our Live Customer Support satisfaction rating on our Support page currently averages 92% – 94%, with the majority of negative satisfaction ratings stemming from payroll and the complexity of STP.
  • In addition, we are currently in the research and trial phase of implementing a new phone system. Once implemented, this will provide immediate call back support.