Payroll & STP Changes in 2020 With ATO, Lincolns and Agrimaster

Payroll Changes Affecting Farmers In 2020

Webinar Series In Conjunction With The ATO and Lincolns

Changes around payroll will be continuing throughout 2020. This two-part webinar series covers how the upcoming changes will affect farm business and how to avoid common pitfalls. The series kicks off with the ATO Assistant Director Chontelle Weyman, and Director of Agrimaster David discussing compliance.

The second webinar is presented by Lincolns Practice Manager Jenni Leonard, Lincolns Accountant Kym Arnold and Director of Agrimaster David. Together with farm business owner and Agrimaster user Rachael Springbett they explore payroll changes and best practice from a farm business perspective.



Webinar 1: Agrimaster & The ATO
Presents Payroll in 2020

ATO Assistant Director Chontelle and Directors of Agrimaster, David and Natalie discuss changes such as annualised salary & closely held employees and how they will affect your farm business.

  • Overview of upcoming payroll changes

  • What these changes mean for farmers

  • Required compliance

  • 30 min webinar | 30 min Q&A

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Webinar 2: Agrimaster & Lincolns
Presents Payroll in 2020

Agrimaster & Lincolns are joined by farm business client’s Rachael Springbett to discuss how upcoming payroll changes will effect farm business, and her experience in adapting to the changes and pitfalls.

  • Overview of payroll changes 

  • User advice on practical changes

  • Pitfalls to avoid

  • 30 min webinar | 30 min Q&A


Payroll in 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions asked in the payroll live webinars Q&A


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