Farm Business Clarity, Certainty, and Confidence: By Investing Just 60 Minutes A Month

As a business owner, I am committed to the principle that focusing on doing ordinary tasks exceptionally well can have a profound financial impact on our business. Despite my tendency towards a more relaxed approach to management, I recognise the critical importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to this aspect of financial management.  

In our experience, the single most crucial part of successful f


No Plan (Budget) Survives Contact With The Real Enemy

I wish I had a dollar for every farming client who told me they do not do a budget because it all changes anyway! The error in this thinking is that a plan/budget is a once-off static document (something you do at the beginning of the year for the bank).  

The key to farm business success in the new world of volatile, low-margin, and high-capital-risk farming is


Planning For A Tough 2023 Season

Although the outlook for commodity prices remains strong at the time of writing, so do the prices for the most common farming inputs like fertiliser, chemicals, and fuel. These cost increases will be compounded by the increased cost of service debt due to rising interest rates. This combination of cost increases in 2023 will have the effect of putting a tight squeeze on gross margins, increasing the risk of financial


Insight Into The Learnings: AAAC Outlook Conference 2022

The AAAC (WA) Outlook Conference in 2022 was a great event. Natalie and I attended with several of the Agrimaster team, and we took away many insights.

Below is a summary of my learnings from the event. You will see that the world is in a state of flux; prices are high for both commodities and inputs. There are some serious headwinds in 2023, with inflation, the war in Ukr


The Cost Of Storing Grain

The grain market this season is very different from previous seasons, with high selling prices, transport issues, labour shortages and changes in foreign markets impacting the industry.

As a grain farmer, you will be trying to develop a selling and marketing strategy in a very confusing market that will maximise your return per tonne. Some of you will be delivering against