Budgets Overview

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Full Budgets
Agrimaster has the combination of agricultural and financial understanding to provide a comprehensive Full Budget that provides users with the ability to make clear and timely business decisions. The agricultural budgeting feature in Agrimaster is one of the best tools for accountants and farm consultants and provides the most preferred reporting to banks.

Enterprise Budgeting
The Enterprise Budget separates and allocates various farm expenses and receipts to a particular enterprise so you can understand break-even costs and pricing points for a particular enterprise. You can also complete detailed ‘What if’ analysis. Enterprise budgeting helps you quickly adapt to changes in your farm business.

Tax Calculator in Budgeting
Agrimaster provides comprehensive tax compliance features for income tax, BAS, fuel tax and payroll. These figures are used by the tax calculator in full budgets to calculate tax liabilities to help calculate where your business is going, what your net disposable income is after tax and manage your farm finances.