Budget Roadshow 2021

Budget Roadshow


Dates & Locations

2nd Sept – Geraldton
7th Sept – Dalwallinu
8th Sept – Merredin
14th Sept – Kojonup
15th Sept – Borden
16th Sept – Narrogin
22nd Sept – Esperance
24th Sept – Perth


9:30am – 3:30pm

Join us at the Budget Roadshow to learn how to use budgeting as a key strategic tool in your business to mitigate risk and optimise financial return.

With these practical examples you will learn:

  • The hidden power in budgeting

  • How to use budgeting when market forces and production variations affect your farm business

  • Budgeting, forecasting and budget control best practice

  • How to setup budgeting rhythms

Please note this workshop is not training and you will not be setting up a budget. You will learn how to adjust a demo budget with real-life scenarios to show you how budgeting can help your farm business grow with confidence.

Who is this event for
This event is for all current customers and non Agrimaster customers.
Non-customers can sign up for a 30 day trial for the event with no locked-in obligations.


Registrations will be limited and are open to non Agrimaster customers.

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2nd Sept
Venue: Master Builders Association of WA
4 Walton Close, Geraldton WA, 6530

7th Sept
Venue: Liebe Group
17 Johnston St, Dalwallinu WA, 6609

8th Sept
Venue: Merredin Regional Community & Leisure Centre
Bates St, Merredin WA, 6415

14th Sept
Venue: Shire of Kojonup Lesser Hall 
93 Albany Highway Kojonup
WA, 6395


15th Sept
Venue: Borden Pavilion
Stone St,
WA, 6338

16th Sept
Venue: John Higgins Community Centre
50 Clayton Rd, Narrogin
WA, 6312

22nd Sept
Venue: Esperance Bay Yacht Club
The Esplanade, Esperance WA, 6450

24th Sept
Venue: Aloft Perth
27 Rowe Avenue
Rivervale WA, 6103


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+ Are you coming to any other locations?

Unfortunately we have limited the roadshow to the above locations. We have chosen the current locations to be as central to all our customers as possible.

Due to Covid-19 we have not planned east coast visits, however, we will look at these areas in the future. To make up for this we’re planning a webinar covering all the content from the live event so customers from every region have access.

+  I haven’t completed the Full Budget training, can I still attend?

Yes we recommend that you complete the Full Budget webinar training as it will benefit you, however, you can still attend.

+  Can I share a laptop with my parent/friend/partner?

Yes, but please still register all attendees and enter the one user number.

+ We have multiple people from the business attending and would like to use separate laptops but we only have one user number?

If you would like for your parent/daughter to have their own laptop, sign up as a 30 day trial and click “attending budget roadshow” and the sales team will arrange a new user number and demo file specifically for the event.

+ Where do I get a demo file?

The demo file with be shared with you in File Manager one week before the event.

+ I can’t edit the demo file?

The demo file is available in Read Only. This means any changes you make will not be saved

+ Where can I get budgeting training?

Currently there is Full Budget training webinars on the Help Centre here or if you would like one to one training we can assess your needs and create a consultation plan that is $220 per hour. Contact Customer Support for more information on a consultation.