Budget Roadshow Webinar

The Power of Budgets

Learn how to use budgeting as a key strategic tool in your business to mitigate risk and optimise financial return.

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With practical examples you will learn:

  • The hidden power in budgeting

  • How to use budgeting when market forces and production variations affect your farm business

  • Budgeting, forecasting and budget control best practice

  • How to setup budgeting rhythms

Please note the webinars are not training and you will not be setting up a budget. You will learn how to adjust a demo budget with real-life scenarios to show you how budgeting can help your farm business grow with confidence.



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Webinar 1

  • Why budget

  • Different types of budgets

  • Intro to scenario planning

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Webinar 2

  • Intro to budgeting rhythms

  • Good cash flow management habits

  • How to check your budget

  • How to update your cash flow forecast

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Webinar 3

  • How to create “What If” budgets

  • 12 Month review

  • How to create multi-year budgets


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+ Do I need to complete the Full Budget training to watch the webinar?

We recommend that you complete the Full Budget training firs as it will benefit you, however, you can still watch the webinar above.

+ Where can I get budgeting training?

Currently there is Full Budget training webinars on the Help Centre here or if you would like one to one training we can assess your needs and create a consultation plan that is $220 per hour. Contact Customer Support for more information on a consultation.