ATO presents STP for farmers

Single Touch Payroll For Farmers, In Conjunction With Agrimaster And The ATO

Join the two-part webinar series with John Shepherd the ATO Program Lead of Single Touch Payroll and the Directors of Agrimaster, David & Natalie as they discuss Single Touch Payroll, how it effects your farm business and advice on how to transition as a small business. Each webinar includes a 30min presentation and a 30min Q&A session.

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Webinar 1:
What is Single Touch Payroll

John Shepherd the ATO Program Lead of Single Touch Payroll will present in conjunction with Agrimaster:

  • A Single Touch Payroll overview,

  • What Single Touch Payroll means for farmers

  • How to transition as a small employer

  • Q&A session

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Webinar 2:
sTP Compliance With Wagemaster

In the second webinar David & Natalie, Directors of Agrimaster will present:

  • An overview of Wagemaster

  • Payroll Assist

  • How to share your file with your accountant

  • Q&A session

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Webinar 3:
How To Prepare Your Agri Clients For STP

This webinar is for accountants/consultants and bookkeepers only. This webinar covers:

  • A Wagemaster overview

  • Payroll File Setup Options

  • How to get access to free Wagemaster software

  • How customers share Wagemaster files with you

Download the Agrimaster STP eBook

The free eBook has everything you need to know about Single Touch Payroll including a complete overview and a preparation checklist.