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28th April 2021

Q: How do I know my changes to a file have been saved?

A: Hi,

Ensuring your changes are saved is an important topic, so thank you for asking this question. When you have finished working in Agrimaster, you must exit the program by clicking ‘Quit’ and then ‘Yes’ on the ‘Shut down Agrimaster?’ pop-up message that appears.

Any changes made to the file will back up as a new revision. Agrimaster does not save changes until you have completed this step. If you then look in File History, your current file should display ‘created a few seconds ago’. This is how you know it has backed up.

It’s important not to shut down your computer before the file is backed up. To learn best practice on saving changes, follow the steps in this help article: Backup File To File Manager.

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Kate Nicholls

16th April 2021

Q: How do I set up netbank in a new computer?

A: Hi Katie,

When you install Agrimaster on another computer or laptop you may find that there is no Netbank folder. This is because, inside your Agrimaster Internet Banking Setup, you may not have the box ticked ‘Create this folder if necessary?’. To see what this looks like in Agrimaster, read this help article: No Netbank folder.

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Kirstine Hamersley

11th March 2021

Q: I’d like to “clean up” the codes section. I’ve taken over the books and there are codes from 20+ yrs ago that make it quite messy & confusing. Is there a way I can delete codes, rather than just hide them? Thanks.

A: Hi Kirstine

Thanks for your question regarding cleaning up codes. We understand codes can get messy in a file.

We do not recommend deleting or replacing codes to clean your file, as it may impact reporting and past data entries, which affects your reporting to the ATO.

To clean up codes in Agrimaster you need to make sure this is done correctly and you are aware that changes may impact other data in your file:

Only codes that are not linked to a cashbook transaction can be deleted. You cannot delete codes linked to cashbook transactions.

Codes linked to a cashbook transaction that you want to delete will need to be unlinked first. Modify codes in transactions.

If you link the transaction to another code, you need to ensure the code you link to has the same GST tax category. If the GST tax category is not the same, it will impact your GST/BAS data.

If you alter cashbook coding, ensure you also amend this data in your budget/s.

Shortly we will be offering the option to start a new file for the new financial year. Your current file will become a Read Only file, and all transactions for the new financial year will be in your new file. Read Only allows you to access data, pull reports and review past transactions.

We will communicate more information on the new file offering shortly.

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Ruth Marold

22nd March 2021

Q: In Wagemaster, can we create employees wages in advance? For example, I am paying fortnightly but want to report STP in advance (if on holidays), pay EFT at selected intervals of fortnightly pay and report the edu file to ATO for both pay fortnights.

A:Hi Ruth,

Great question! Yes, you can create wages in advance, it is a similar process to how you already process pays. Paying in advance is helpful if you are planning to go on holidays and unable to process pays.

In Wagemaster, process your pay run as usual except select the future pay period on the PPE calendar. Start by processing the direct debit setup or bank transfer payment the same as you normally would.

If you use internet banking to upload the EFT transactions to your bank, you can upload in advance for the bank to process at the specified future payment date.

You can report STP in advance as long as as it’s reported on or before the payment date. The steps are outlined in this help article: How To Process Single Touch Payroll Reporting.

It’s important you complete Step 11 of the above article and check the date to process the EFT in the ‘EFT Information Summary’ screen is correct.

If circumstances change later and you have over/underpaid, this will need adjusted in the next pay run.

For more information on how to process wages in advance in Wagemaster, follow this help article: Process Wages In Advance.


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