Agrimaster Update Webinar – FAQ


We’re in the early stages of development and excited to share what we’re working on.
But we’re still changing and improving everything!



Watch The Webinar

The new Agrimaster will be the most significant improvement to the Agrimaster user experience and continue to be a specialised farm financial management tool helping you to maximise your farm profits and manage increasing risk.
Watch the latest webinar to get a sneak peek of what’s coming!




Ways That You Can Get Involved:


Share Your Ideas

Get hands-on and be one of the first to demo our new designs and prototypes and have your say in the process.


Join The Agrimaster Journey

Get hands-on and be one of the first to demo our new designs and
prototypes and have your say in the process.



+ What is the timeline for the new Agrimaster?

As a customer, you will get your hands on an early version of the new Agrimaster in 2022.

Due to the nature of product development, we cannot provide an exact date. Like building a new home, we have an indicative timeline we are working to; however, it is subject to change based on feedback, customer priorities and technical challenges.

You will be part of the journey, and we will update you at all times as changes occur.

+ Are you keeping anything from Agrimaster 6.5?

What Agrimaster is about will never change. We will use your feedback to bring you the most loved and used features to the new Agrimaster, and at the same time, improve and add other features.

As product development takes time, the new Agrimaster may not be as feature-rich as our current product right out of the gate. However, we will continually add and improve features based on your feedback.

We will provide updates about specific features as we’re making progress!

+ Will the new product have all the features of the current Agrimaster?

Currently, we’re building the foundations of our new product – which means starting with a strong data structure to support all of the powerful features and innovations we want to bring to our cashbook, budgets, and forecasting. As we continually develop, we will add, remove, improve features based on the feedback you have given us.

If you have an idea for a feature, please click the ideas icon within File Manager to submit your feedback.

+ Will the new Agrimaster work on mobile?

We are working towards a mobile version and expect to talk more about it in the near future.

+ Will I be able to import my data/codes from Agrimaster 6.5 to the new product, or will I need to start from scratch?

Importing data and codes is at the front of our minds. We understand that having access to your historical data, current Code, Allocation, and Enterprise setup is essential. We are working on ways to help you transition to our new product as smoothly as possible.

+ Can I be involved?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you. Click the ideas icon within File Manager to submit your feedback or join the journey above.

+ Will we be able transfer our data to-and-from other software? ie. Agworld, Excel, Xero, MYOB?

It’s too early in the development process to promise this.
We will definitely discuss this further with customers and Professional Partners.

+ Will I need to be connected to the internet to use the new Agrimaster?

Currently, yes. Our new product is entirely cloud-based, meaning that you need to be connected to the internet.

However, we are conscious of our rural and remote customers, and are taking steps to mitigate poor connectively issues where we can.

+ How much will the new product cost?

We don’t have a definitive answer at this stage.

As we build new features and functionalities, we will determine subscription plans and pricing models accordingly.

+ Will you continue to support Agrimaster 6.5?

Absolutely! You can continue to use Agrimaster 6.5 without interruption, and our team are here to support you as and when you need it.

+ Will my accountant, consultant, and I all be able to use the new software at the same time?

Collaboration is something that we are very passionate about, and we will be designing this into the new Agrimaster. We hope to talk more about this in the near future!

+ Will Wagemaster / Payroll / STP work the same with the new Agrimaster product?

We know that reliable payroll is one of the most important parts of any businesses’ day-to-day operations.

We’re currently a few steps away from being able to answer this question – but we hope to be able to provide an update in the near future!

+ Will I be able to use the new product on my Mac/laptop, or on multiple screens?

Absolutely. We’re designing the software to be hardware agnostic – this means that it should work whether you’re using Apple or Windows, with as much flexibility as you’d expect from your favourite website.

+ Will the new product feature improved Bank Feeds?

We’re currently discussing ways to make this happen internally, and with our banking partners.

+ When will I have to stop using Agrimaster 6.5?

Currently, we have no plans to discontinue Agrimaster 6.5.

We will support both products, and you will be able to transition when you feel comfortable. There will be no interruption to your current workflow for the foreseeable future.

We will update you at all times as changes occur.