Agrimaster Release 6.5.0 Webinar

Agrimaster Release 6.5.0 Webinar


Professional Partners exclusive Webinar

As you may be aware there are new and exciting changes for Agrimaster in 2020.  

To invest in these new features we are changing our licencing model to align all users.  

In Release 6.5.0 Agrimaster we will be moving to Business Based Licensing.  For information on how this change will affect your business and your Agrimaster clients register for the Agrimaster Release 6.5.0 Webinar. This release also paves the way for an Online Agrimaster product.  

 In this webinar we discuss: 

  • Subscription plans moving to Business Based Licensing 

    • Critical information to detect unauthorized and unpaid files/users 

    • Options and steps to license files  

  • Automatic background updates – no more manual updates  

  • File Manager performance enhancements – no more lag in service  

  • Agrimaster can be downloaded on unlimited Windows devices 

  • Live Q&A

The information provided in this webinar is critical for your continued use of Agrimaster and ability to support your Agrimaster customers.