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No matter what success means to you, the Agrimaster Partner Program
helps you achieve more for both you and your farming clients.


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For Free

Free Agrimaster Standard subscription to run your practice.



Partners have access to a sales agent with a priority contact line for smooth onboarding and sales support.


Provide Clients
With Offers and Discounts

Each client you sign receives a 30-day free trial and a first-year discount. Other exclusive offers are shared with partners first.


Be Seen By
Potential Clients

Get listed on the Agrimaster Partner Page and discovered by thousands of potential new clients.

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Tiers & Benefits Comparison

View the full list of benefits you can receive on each tier level.


How the Partner Program Works

Our network of accountants, consultants and advisors complete the farm financial
ecosystem to drive farm businesses to success.




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Agrimaster is proud to partner with the finest in the industry.


+ How much does the Partner Program cost?

The Agrimaster Partner Program is free to join for the first year if you are new to Agrimaster.
If you’re an existing partner, the cost of the Partner Program depends on the tier your firm is in. Please see our tier guide for further details.

+ Am I eligible to be part of the Partner Program?

If you are an accountant, bookeeper or consultant and service clients that use Agrimaster, then you are eligible to be an Agrimaster Partner!
Likewise, if you don’t yet have Agrimaster clients, but would like to sign up for your first year to learn more about Agrimaster budgeting and the value you can add to your clients.

+ I don’t agree that my tier is correct? What can be done about this?

Please get in touch with our Business Development Manager via, to discuss it further.

+ How often does my tier get reviewed?

The tier you are in is reviewed annually, in the month of your renewal.

+ How do I manage my own subscription and permissions?

If you need to change your subscription, permissions and/or amend the users listed for your firm – please get in touch with the Business Development Manager via

+ Why do I need to be on the latest version of Agrimaster to be part of the Partner Program?

Being on the latest version of Agrimaster ensures you are getting all of the benefits of Agrimaster as well as utilisng the most optimum way of working with your clients.

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