Natalie Egerton-Warburton


Natalie Egerton-Warburton is one of the founders of Mastergroup where she heads up Finance, HR and Operations. She has an amazing gift for numbers and an entrepreneurial spirit, the perfect combination for a company that delivers business software. In addition to her regular duties, she’s also recognised as one of the best software testers in the organisation.

With a long history in finance, Natalie started her career in banking with both city and country postings. She worked her way up to a Branch Manager in Westpac before starting a number of software training companies focused on helping farming businesses become more proficient with their finances and online banking.

In addition to a busy career, Natalie successfully juggles family life with her husband, David. She believes that health and exercise are critical to running a successful family and business. She looks forward to a regular 5:30 am start when she and David exercise together and enjoy the only time they get to themselves in the day. She’s a mad Fremantle Docker’s fan and likes nothing more than relaxing over a glass of red wine with girlfriends while plotting the next annual ‘girls only’ get away.

Natalie relaxes by putting on her gardening gloves and tending to her garden.