6.5.0 Videos

Agrimaster 6.5.0 – It’s coming!
Sneak peak & ‘how to’ videos.

Watch the 6.5.0 video series to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming release.
From what’s included, what to expect once the release is live to what
you need to do to get ready, we have you covered.



Why upgrade to Agrimaster 6.5.0.

We can’t wait to share all the new and exciting features and changes that you, our customers, have asked for. 



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Get Ready for Agrimaster 6.5.0 – checklist.

To ensure your update to Agrimaster 6.5.0 is as seamless as possible, with no interruption to your business, we have created this ‘Get Ready’ checklist. Watch the video and download a written copy of the checklist below.



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New & existing subscriptions

As each business entity is required to have its own subscription with Release 6.5.0, we have created new subscriptions to suit your individual business needs. This video will go through the new and existing subscriptions.



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Open Agrimaster after Release 6.5.0.



Step 5.png

New File Manager homepage.



Step (9).png

New File Manager details page.



step 7.png

How to license Read Only files.



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File Manager best practice.


Stay Tuned!

Keep an eye on social media and email for more Agrimaster 6.5.0 videos.


Agrimaster 6.5.0 brings some exciting new features as well as the platform for a more online experience in the future.
Check out the release page for FAQs and to learn what’s changing!