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Agrimaster software; a program written by farmers for farmers easily handles your day-to-day accounts and cashbook as well as intelligently interfacing with your bank.
REEP gives you a helicopter view of your financial data and the ability to run ‘what if?’ scenarios. You get live forecasting of your cash flow and a solid risk management tool so you can plan for any business event from anywhere, at any time.
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“Innovation is the key to success. Investing in our people, technology and our way of working we can offer products which make a positive difference for our customers.” David – Mastergroup Managing Director


Our Values

Our values define who we are and define our actions. Our values influence the way we work with each other - and the way we work with our clients and engage with our communities.


Innovation is changing or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. Businesses that innovate create efficient work processes and have better productivity.


We are approachable and open to our customers. We encourage collaboration through the use of flexible and accessible platforms. We work together to provide solutions for our customers real business problems.


We know knowledge is power - with data and evidence to support decisions, risks can be reduced and results improved.


Our products and services provide clarity and confidence to the business owner to help make informed decisions and achieve their business goals.


We help communities by our customers building good business practices through our product offerings. We also work with community organisations and help them grow.

Our Partners

At Mastergroup, we understand how important a good partnership network is. That's why we are dedicated to working with our partners to help grow and improve their businesses.

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